Collaborating with AI

NFTs of the artifacts can become catalysts for AI: such that the artifacts and their NFTs can form a basis for ‘seeds of intelligence’ in the SingNET AGI system.

The Arious Collection will be analyzed by SNET’s AI, large scale neural networks, and advanced neural-symbolic algorithms; this ongoing process will discover patterns in the collection [gems, sculptures, woven tapestries] that have not been visible to humans [details/features in individual artifacts at a material level, and across the entire collection as a whole].

Extrapolative art objects will be created by Sophia

We anticipate deployment of parts of the Arious Collection in the Sophia Multiverse as NFTs accessible to a globally engaged audience.

Develop modes of data creation and analysis to make the growing virtual collection useful for an emerging AI, as ‘synthetic data’ that Sophia can train on and interact with.

Uncovering Hidden Context

The NFT process makes the artifacts and their entire history - including the processes by which they were mined, refined, and worked - much more accessible to a wider popular audience, and also accessible in many unprecedented ways to AI systems.

For selected objects in the collection we will create a deep history not only of the fabrication of the object but also trace the history of all the materials, from the mines the gold was extracted from, and even beyond, to the supernovas that gave birth to the metals and elements all these objects are crafted from. We also anticipate collaborations with AI systems, to produce alternate futures for objects, imagined in this imageGAN animation.

Connective and Collaborative Ownership Models

It will be possible to develop a coherent link between the collection/NFT processes and Arious’ wider goals in the ‘Gold Vision’ to transform artisanal mining.

By approaching NFTs as a platform for shared ownership beyond the artifact itself, value can be extended to craftspeople who produced the objects, miners who brought the stones and metal to the surface, etc.

Innovative Workflow Model

As a leading global example, Singularious will develop a model for cultural preservation and sharing that can be deployed to other cultural institutions worldwide (museums, collections, libraries, world heritage sites, etc.).

For museums and collections, Singularious’ leadership can serve as a global standard for the democratization and distribution of the cultural heritages.

Our Journey Ahead

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