Our Journey Ahead

Unlocking Art from Private Investors

Best-in-class Digitization approach.

A dedicated marketplace where only art and gemstone NFTs are traded.

Private art collectors can adopt aspects of our process, and share their collections with the world without giving up ownership. Having their artifacts be part of the Arious Collection can become a status symbol that drives the price of the items upward.

The location of the famous van Gogh to the right is currently unknown. Could it be destroyed? Digitizing art, especially from private investors, will insure that future generations have access to their heritage.

Onboarding Museums

Arious can be instrumental in supporting local museums in scanning, creating NFTs and setting up digital exhibitions or augmenting physical exhibitions with a digital environment.

We anticipate this could include collections such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, and other collections in or related to the UAE; Museum of Middle East Modern Art (MOMEMA).

Own in-house scanning services.

Across the World

Digitizing and Visualizing works of art.

Sharing Digitized Artifacts among Museums.

Arious Art in 10 years

The Arious Marketplace has the world’s best reputation for trading ownership and publishing rights of NFTs of physical artifacts, making it the go-to site for collectors of art NFTs.

Physical exhibitions from museums are augmented with ultra-high-res scans of works from other museums and collectors, to complete the collection, give additional context, and provide an immersive experience.

The rights to display these digitized objects belongs to the owners of each NFT and this becomes an important income stream for them.

Living Artists



Private Collectors

Arious’ Global Art & Jewelry Archive (GAJA) contains the largest digital collection of major works of art and artifacts to be viewed and admired by everyone.

Unprecedented collaborations between the Arious Collection model and evolving AI

Cultural Artifacts

Scientific Artifacts

Material Artifacts​

Spiritual Artifacts​

And in 500 years…

The Arious collection of artefacts spans time and space. Accessible for all to see, study and admire. An universal place of art and beauty that connects people of all generations, cultures and civilizations.


An Archive for Humanity, Among the Stars.

Multiple Time Capsules on Earth, on Satellites in our Solar System, on the Moon and farther, a legacy in Deep Time.

The scope of this project spans a ‘traditional’ approach to NFTs using them as economic instruments, to a cultural and planetary scale, reaching far beyond in an ambition to leverage the cultural presence of the collection, giving it global reach, linking it to artificial intelligence in multiple ways, developing an art digitization workflow and platform which will be best of class globally as an example to all museums and collections; and ultimately creating an archive of ‘human heritage’ both on and off our planet, in orbit- preserving the legacy of this collection and many others.