A Shared Heritage transformed through Revolutionary Technology

A New Form of Vision and Interaction

State-of-the-art VR as an Interface to the Arious Collection.


Volumetric Video

CT Scans



Creates a unique, cutting edge platform & content for NFT deployment.

Arious Royal Collection NFT Vision

The creation of NFTs for the extensive Arious Collections of the following in order to extend the collection as part of a planetary cultural legacy.

Precious Stones




Historical Artifacts

The NFTs will make the collection 100% accessible and create unique paths to shared cultural heritage, new forms of scientific study and engagement with AI systems; and new kinds of collective ownership and deployment in online worlds.

Virtual NFT artifacts will appear in ‘metaverse’ contexts as cultural and scientific pieces, and function as a range of economic instruments.

This project will create a totally new form of storytelling, studying, sharing and appreciating.

NFTs: Familiar Models

An NFT can be linked to a digital file.

An NFT can be linked to a physical file, representing the ownership of that physical object as a contract would.

An NFT can be divided in multiple pieces, owned by different people. These NFTs can give ownership of a small part of a rare or expensive physical item like a unique work of art.

Smart contracts define ownership but can also assign additional conditions. [E.g. give the original owner of an NFT a percentage of each transaction as a commission].

NFTs: Pivot to Innovative Models

Cultural and Economic Benefits

The creation of high-resolution, high-quality scans that do justice to these precious stones and works of art makes their beauty accessible to the world. Defining ownership with an NFT gives the digital version a unique quality that is consistent with the spirit of the original artifact. This enables Arious to share its precious collection with the world while keeping its exclusivity intact.

The digital artifact will be accessible to admire and examine up-close while the original is kept safe. In the digital realm, we can bestow the artifact with elaborate context, explaining their rarity, their unique attributes, and cultural or historical value.

Presenting the artifacts with rich storytelling in such a manner will make an educational experience available to a much wider audience, which will increase the intrinsic and monetary value of the artifacts for the wider public.

NFTs: Revolutionary Models

NFTs supporting/growing a cultural heritage.

Ultra-High-Resolution ‘documentary film’ exportable as an NFT.

Deep history of artifacts, gems, and sculptures revealed.

The collection is ‘studied’ by AI.

NFTs supporting scientific/cultural research.

NFTs to build global community and value.

New forms of ownership via NFT spanning elite collectors, everyday citizens, and artisanal miners.

Minting NFTs from Historic Perspectives

Our Creative Vision for NFT development is as a new form of culture, storytelling, ownership, and science using the following technologies:

Ultra-High-Resolution Scanning





This process will be similar to making a ‘documentary film’ of incredibly high resolution of the creation and lifespan of the artifact, and then allowing clients/buyers/conservators to ‘mint’ NFTs at many stages of the ‘documentary film’.

In each of these steps in the process, the ‘animation’ will have parameters which allow a buyer to adjust visual and auditory information, as well as proximity to the artifact and the flow of time itself for the virtual artifact.

Scanning and Exposing Patterns

For example: if there is a tapestry with both a unique design, materials, and provenance of construction, we will make a digital model of that tapestry at sub-mm-scale resolution using various scanning technologies.

Then, we create a 3D animation which follows the genesis of the tapestry from wool, silk, gemstones, etc to the process of weaving to specific locations the tapestry may have spent parts of its life.

Users can create NFTs of these processes: one can zoom a virtual camera towards a tapestry as it is being woven and then export the virtual film as a minted NFT.

An analogous process will be set up for the cutting of gems, the creation of a sculpture, the painting of an illustrated manuscript, or the construction of a musical instrument.

Our Journey Ahead

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